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  1. Add a Show

  2. Add a Song

  3. Add a Tour

  4. Add a Venue

  5. Add/Edit a Setlist

  6. Add/Edit a Show Form

  7. Add/Edit a Song Form

  8. Add/Edit a Venue Form

  9. Add/Edit Setlist Footnotes

  10. Can I change my username?

  11. Can I gain access to my PT account if I've forgotten my password?

  12. Can I gain access to my PT account if I've lost access to the e-mail address on my account?

  13. Can my user account be deleted?

  14. Edit a Show

  15. Edit a Song

  16. Edit a Tour

  17. Edit a Venue

  18. How do I become a band curator?

  19. How do I reconcile duplicate entries for the same show?

  20. How do I reconcile duplicate entries for the same song?

  21. Introduction to Band Curator Functions

  22. My account in unverified. What does this mean and how can I fix it?

  23. Phantasy Flashback Emails

  24. Phantasy Tour is not compatible with the uBlock Origin browser extension

  25. Run Phantasy Game Scores

  26. Setlists/Songs Tabs turned on

  27. Tips for Adding Festival Appearances

  28. Tour Tournament Instructions and FAQs

  29. What are the rules for posting content to Phantasy Tour?

  30. What is Phantasy Tour's philosophy regarding moderating member generated content?

  31. Who are the band curators and what is their role?

  32. Who are the moderators and what is their role?

  33. Who enters setlists on Phantasy Tour?

  34. Who enters tour dates on Phantasy Tour?

  35. Why are message board posts limited to 4,000 characters?

  36. Why are the message boards moderated?

  37. Why does the band I follow not have all the features of other bands?

  38. Why is adult content expressly prohibited on Phantasy Tour?

  39. Why was my thread or post removed?

  40. Your account does not have permission to post messages to Phantasy Tour.

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