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Add a Tour

A Tour is a grouping of consecutive shows by the same band on Phantasy Tour. Grouping shows into tours will result in the following:
  1. Each tour has a dedicated page under the Tour tab where members can view all the dates in the tour, see the tour locations on a map, and add shows from the tour to their My Shows list
  2. If Phantasy Stats are enabled for your band, members can run stats based upon a selected tour
  3. If Phantasy Games are enabled for your band, members can play the Tour Opener and Tour Tournament games for upcoming tours
When adding the first show for a given tour, you will need to click the "New" button that appears to the right of the Tour dropdown field on the Add a Show form. Provide a name and abbreviation for the tour and click save. When you are returned to the Add a Show form, the Tour field should be populated with your new tour.

IMPORTANT: Rules of thumb for adding tours to Phantasy Tour
  • Stand alone shows should not be assigned to a tour
  • A tour should consist of at least 3 consecutive shows, with no more than a few days between shows
  • Breaks of a week or longer in a run of shows should result in 2 separate tours
  • Abbreviations should consist of 2 letters followed by the 2 number year in which the tour begins

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