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How do I reconcile duplicate entries for the same song?

We don't have a song merge feature built yet. Here are the recommended steps to cleaning up duplicate songs:
  • Of the 2 versions of the song that exist in the song list, identify the one with the fewer number of appearances. We'll refer to this one as the "duplicate song".
  • Edit the name of the duplicate song to add "duplicate" to the end of the name
  • Edit the setlists for all shows in which the duplicate song appears, changing each appearance of the duplicate song to the version that doesn't include the word duplicate. (Please note that when you first visit shows that include the duplicate song, the song name that appears in the setlist on the show's page will not say "duplicate", but you will see the word "duplicate" in the song name when you get to the "Edit Setlist" form). When you're finished changing all setlists in which the duplicate song appeared, you should be able to go back to the song's summary page and see "0 times played".
  • Once you've achieved "0 times played" for the duplicate entry, edit the song name again, changing it to "_delete me". The underscore at the beginning of the name pushes the entry to the bottom of the alphabetical list.
We periodically come through and clean-up the "_delete me" songs.

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