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Why is adult content expressly prohibited on Phantasy Tour?

While we try hard NOT to make determinations on the part of our users as to what is or is not offensive (this is what the ignore feature is for), we expressly prohibit the posting or linking of adult content for the following reasons.

  • We don't want the Phantasy Tour name or the names of the bands we love to be associated with adult content.
  • As a publicly accessible website with no age verification, we feel an obligation to not be a source of adult content to minors.
  • We want to operate a welcoming and inviting community for ALL live music fans. Some users find that adult content fosters a hostile environment.
  • The presence of adult content is a real threat to Phantasy Tour's existence.  Advertisers make the site possible; and most advertisers and advertising services insist that their ads not appear adjacent to adult content.

For a complete list of content that is prohibited on Phantasy Tour, please see:

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