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Who are the moderators and what is their role?

Our moderators are everyday users and fans of Phantasy Tour that have stepped forward to help us maintain an open, friendly and tolerant environment for all music fans to connect, interact, debate and share information and knowledge.  These users have typically been long time members of the site and have demonstrated an understanding and respect for Phantasy Tour's terms and rules.  Moderators are simply asked to remove content that violates the site's terms or rules as they encounter it during their normal visits to the site.  Moderators can review a list of threads and posts that have been reported by other users.  Moderators do not seek out content to remove or target specific users.  They make every effort to be objective in their analysis of content.  Moderators cannot ban other users or prevent them from posting and they have no control over site functionality or features.  Moderators do not maintain band data such as shows and setlists (for this role, see community curators).  Moderators do not to respond to complaints or questions about their removals on the boards.  If you have concerns or complaints regarding moderation, please contact support.  If you're interested in becoming a community moderator, please submit your request through the "Contact Support" link to the right.

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