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    Jon Greene commented  · 

    on my HTC One, which has a pretty large screen and high resolution. When I open the boards, it's defaulting to the upper left corner of the site, and there is no scaling. You need to set the application focus to the board or the threads.

    Jon Greene commented  · 

    also, add a set of page navigation buttons to the primary pages at the top. If I click into a thread, I have a set of page navigation buttons at the top, and bottom. When I'm in the primary board, the only way I can navigate to the 2nd or 3rd page is to scroll all the way to the bottom, and use the small buttons. Putting a set of buttons at the top would allow you to scroll up or down to move to the next page.

    Jon Greene commented  · 

    make the page navigation buttons (forward/back) larger for small screens, and probably a different color would make sense.

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