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Setlist: Pink Talking Fish’s Junta Circus | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 2/23/19

Set 1:
Circus Intro*$>
Once In A Lifetime*%
You Enjoy Myself>
Learning To Fly>
You Enjoy Myself*$$^
Free Four^^
Life During Wartime*!
Golgi Apparatus!!

Set 2:
Have A Cigar*++>
Dinner And A Movie*=
Divided Sky>
Great Gig In The Sky==?>
Divided Sky==
David Bowie>
David Bowie
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
Union Federal[[
Brain Damage?”>
Brain Damage*?””>

E: Burning Down The House*?%

*w/ Greg Ormont as The Ringmaster
%w/ Big Apple Circus ensemble – various acts
%% Big Apple Circus acted out the story of Esther. This included Human Marionette with strings being pulled by a Stilt Walker. She also did an arial performance.
$ Introduction over the music of Esther. The Intro had various Junta character references
$$w/ The Ringmaster and Circus Troupe jumping on trampolines
^w/ Greg Ormont on guitar and vocal jam
^^w/ Ben “Junta” Hunter on vocals (The album Junta was named after Ben, who was Phish’s first manager)
! w/ Big Suit Clowns dancing and a Hoop Show. Ringmaster also danced in a suit
!! w/ Commemorative Ticket Stubs falling from the balcony
+w/ Bubbles filling the room and a performer in a large bubble dancing with feathers
++w/ Stilt Walking Clown and a Contortionist Cigar feature
= w/ The Ringmaster taking a date to dinner and a movie. Big Apple Circus troupe set the stages vaudevillian style and played characters during dinner and a movie
==w/ Aerial Show
? w/ Maryn Azoff on vocals
{ w/ The Ringmaster and Glam Dancers
{{ w/ Pin Juggling and other Circus Flare
[ w/ Cyr Wheel, Hoos, Unicycles and The Ringmaster on a Hobby Horse
[[ w/ Clown Show
” w/ Contortionist Violin. During “The Lunatic Is In My Head”, the band started laughing and the entire ensemble came out laughing which went into Sanity
“” w/ Full ensemble acting insane
!!!w/ The Ringmaster doing the Narration as a show-closing Thank You.

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