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What is Phantasy Tour's philosophy regarding moderating member generated content?

We believe in freedom of expression and seek to moderate member generated content as sparingly as possible.  Our overarching philosophy is to allow each member to decide for themselves what content they don't want to see on Phantasy Tour and provide members with tools to filter content that they find objectionable.  Moderators are only permitted to remove content that represents a risk to Phantasy Tour and it's members, either a direct threat to an individual/group or content that jeopardizes our ability to continue offering member generated content features on the site (e.g. content that is illegal or not appropriate for all ages).  Due to the pace at which content is produced on Phantasy Tour, it cannot be pre-approved before posting.  As such, content is reviewed only if flagged by a member of the community.  Please do not assume that if you read something on Phantasy Tour that it has been "allowed."  If content represents a threat to you, someone else, or the site, please flag it for moderator review.  All other content that offends you should be ignored using the tools available.

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