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Tips for Adding Festival Appearances

Here are some tips on the preferred method for adding a festival appearance by your band:
  • Do not use the festival name in the "Venue" field. Most festivals are held at a named place (i.e. Legend Valley, Spirit of the Suwannee, Empire Polo Club, Randall's Island, etc.). On rare occasions there is no name for the place that a festival is held and in those cases, you should use the Festival name followed by "Grounds" as the Venue name (i.e. Pasture Palooza Festival Grounds).
  • Enter the festival name in the "Name" field, inclusive of the year or the festival instance number as appropriate. For example:
    • Bonnaroo 2017
    • moe.down 7
  • If you don't know the exact date and time that your band will perform (or the number of times they will appear throughout the festival), add only one show for the first day of the festival. When the festival schedule is announced, update the show entry with the correct date and time and add additional appearances as appropriate. DO NOT add a show for each day of the festival unless your band is actually playing on each day of the festival.
  • If known, you can add the name of the stage on which the band will perform in the Pre-Show Notes and Post-Show Notes fields.
  • It is preferred that you not list the other bands that are performing at the festival in the Opening Act(s) and Headlining Act(s) fields. We're working on other methods of capturing and displaying this information.

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