Why has my account been blocked from posting content on Phantasy Tour?

There are numerous reasons that a Phantasy Tour user account may be blocked from posting content.  The most common reason is that there has been a violation of the Terms of Use policy.  There are rules in place for posting on Phantasy Tour's message boards and procedures for enforcing those rules (see the Terms of Use policy and Message Board Rules).  When a user violates the terms or rules, their content may be removed and their posting privileges may be revoked.  When this occurs for the first time, an email is sent to the address of record on the account.  The email explains the violation and provides instructions for having the account reactivated.  The ability for Phantasy Tour to communicate with our users via email is imperative and for this reason, accounts that are determined to have an inactive or "disposable" email addresses in their profile may be closed without notice (e.g. mailinator).  New accounts that are created by users that have had their posting privileges revoked may also be closed without notice.  If you're still unclear as to why your account been blocked from posting content on Phantasy Tour, contact support.

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