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Why are the message boards moderated?

While Phantasy Tour reserves the right to edit, refuse to post, or remove any material submitted to or posted on the message boards, we attempt to do this as sparingly as possible.  Our goal is to operate an open, friendly and tolerant environment for all music fans to connect, interact, debate and share information and knowledge.  There are three primary reasons that the Phantasy Tour message boards are moderated.

  1. To operate a community that is respectful of people's differences and welcoming to all music fans.
  2. To remove liabilities that present a threat to Phantasy Tour's continued existence.
  3. To allow us to continue to provide Phantasy Tour as free service to our users.  Most advertisers and ad networks will not allow their ads to be displayed on unmoderated websites.

For more information on the specific types of content that is moderated on Phantasy Tour, click here.

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