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What are the rules for posting content to Phantasy Tour?

Phantasy Tour's interactive features, such as message boards and Phantasy Mail, are provided to allow users to connect with other users and discuss topics of similar interest. While it is our desire to allow for open and free discussion, we also must prohibit certain content that presents a risk to our users or this site.  The following types of content are prohibited on Phantasy Tour message boards and in Phantasy Mail:
  1. Distributing or requesting copyrighted or otherwise protected works
  2. Threatening, intimidating, harassing or cyberbullying other users or people (including threats of physical harm directed at self or others) or inciting violence
  3. Violating the privacy of someone else and/or presenting a risk to their safety or livelihood, including posting or threatening to post the personally identifiable information of another person (a.k.a. doxing) or disclosing private communications
  4. Committing libel or slander (e.g. personal attacks)
  5. Posting hate speech, racial slurs, ethnic slurs or other pejorative terms
  6. Conducting or planning illegal activity
  7. Posting or linking to adult content, including but not limited to:
    1. posts containing erotic stories or descriptions of sexual acts
    2. links to pornographic, obscene, lewd or provocative images or websites
    3. links to adult/sexual dating sites
    4. posts seeking or offering sexual tips or advice
    5. posts containing crude, indecent language or extreme profanity
    6. posts offering or requesting nude photos
  8. Organizing, provoking or encouraging a trolling or deceptive attack of another person or website
  9. Conducting promotion or soliciting the Phantasy Tour user base (including soliciting views, likes, etc. on other websites)
  10. Trolling, spamming or crapflooding (including repetitively posting the same content across multiple threads and/or boards)
  11. Suborning the violation of the terms of use
  12. Impersonating another user by using a similar username
  13. Posting with multiple user accounts
  14. Quoting a post containing prohibited content
  15. Reposting moderated content (i.e. restarting a moderated thread)
Posting content listed above is grounds for having your user account posting privileges revoked.  Other user accounts (either new or existing) used after an account has been disabled will be closed without warning as they are detected.  

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